Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cat's Eye 02: Electrifying Karina Buhr

I'm thankful to Manish Choudhury  for introducing me to blogging in 2007, and for his feedbacks ever since. And to my energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar for connecting to the fringe,  qualities of  Esoteric stones...

Esoteric stones thrive on our personal energy dynamics. They operate outside the domain of our astrological transits. 
There I was, going through the marshes, muddy swamps of Saturn in Scorpio ( since Nov '14). Everyone around groaning and teetering under the mind numbing pressure of this overbearing phase. But, I continued to energize, and channelize my green Cat's Eye stone given by my healing guide Dipankar. And by and by, round and around, I landed up my friend Girjashanker's pub/ music venue Depot 29
Seeing me, Girja retorted in his usual sardonic style.. "Welcome Rip Van Winkle.. you have merely missed out on about 150 performances in this past year..". Trying to match his sarcasm, I said " And you just missed out on one year of Saturn through Scorpio". He scoffed and smirked cruelly and with delight. Trying to divert my defeat and fall, I asked "Who's playing today?". Girja said a Brazillian singer, actress, Karina Buhr was performing that Friday evening, who came through some connection through the Brazillian embassy, and was supposed to be a big star in Brazil. 
I gloated with pleasure and replied.. " Ohh, I neither appreciate NOR understand Spanish or Brazillian music, tch, tch, not my scene..!!" Girja, paused with wisdom and said.. "Why dont you hang out and check for yourselves..". I agreed, if the act was slioghtly boring, I could walk away and leave him humiliated, my victory for the evening..!

So I hung around, and the band members of Karina Buhr got up on stage began singing. Voila! The music was okay, but because of the language issue, they couldn't connect with the audience. Haha! My victory was over Girja was soon at hand!!
But at the end of third song, something happened. Karina Buhr, despite her language handicap, starting using body motions, gestures, expressions to the lyrics of her songs. And the lead guitarist used some indescribably expressive notes.
I looked around, the atmosphere of Depot 29 was charged up with a electric, infrared, mesmerizing, trancy atmosphere!! I noticed my own shoulders, and head rebelling against me, breaking out in spasmodic and gyrating moves. Control yourself, my brain screamed! We have to beat Girja! But alas, the music was rapidly rushing through my bloodstream and Karina Buhrs hypnotic, sensuous, raw earthy, electric, rapidly taking control of my mind..! Alas! Alas! And after a blink of an eye, I was dancing, hyperventilating, oscillating like a electrified Zombie dude!!
An electrifying current swept through me.. a raw, sensual, atavistic, punk, soul stirring, electric performance that shattered through all confines of language and lyrics. It was a distinct manifestation of the Ketu, Neptunean, energies of my green Cat's Eye stone. Oozing through the electrifying, haunting performance of rapturous Karina Buhr...
The Erratic/ Sublime rapture of Ketu embodied by Karina's performance. Check out video below...

After sometime, she went into a pensive, brooding, hazy, serpentine number, distinct to the Netunean energies of the green Cat's Eye stone. I could connect to the soul of her blues notes and the magical suspended guitar notes of Fernando Catatau, check video below..
 At the end of the performance, Girja slithered upto me triumphantly,and asked" How was it??" . I weakly retorted.. "I am GLAD that I missed the past 150 shows. THIS ONE made it up, for ALL of them..". the expression on Girjas face was like that of a calm knowing Buddha, as he nodded gently and slowly. I shrugged my eyebrows, drowsily recovering from the performance!

But as Ketu is conjunct with Saturn in my horoscope, and Saturn is a planet of repetition, the story doesn't end there. Next day, one thing led to another and we landed up at the party of Hugo Lorenzetti Neto, who had initiated the event. Where I had opportunity to interact  with all the performers of the Karina Burh band, and language being a problem was guided by their crew member Melina Hickson , who bridged the chasm of language between us. And as an additional  benevolence, also taught me many Netpunian aspects of Brazillian dance.  
AND, the day after when I briefly dropped by at Blue Frog or Kila at Qutub, I saw Karina performing again, in a much larger stage, but in front of a vastly polite and somewhat nitro- frozen, and fossilized audience. A somewhat contrast from the trance, possessed, mesmerizing, voodooish, previous atmosphere of Girja's Depot 29 venue!

Thanks to the interactions of the evening before, Karina spontaneously gestured to me in the middle of one song, I rushed forward and we began dancing together in front of the stage. As the eyes of the Humanich, frozen, cyborgic audience, glimmered with their mental ramifications, their programmed pathways of contemporary social behaviour, we had our Ketu rupture of atavistic dance, ultra spontaneous, starburst of whirling around, beneath the bright lights of Blue Frog/ Kila. 

I acknowledge my guide Dipankar for connecting me to the fringe, tangential qualities of Secondary Stones. And Obrigada to Karina Buhr, to Fernando Catatau, Bruno Buarque, and much Obrigada to Melina Hickson. And to Hugo Lorenzetti, for your efforts, for connecting me meteorically with the comet like, Ketu, trail blazing  Selvatica superstars!  



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cat's Eye 01: an Ironic birthday

I'm thankful to Manish Choudhury  for introducing me to blogging in 2007, and for his feedbacks ever since. And to my energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar for connecting me to the fringe,  qualities of  Esoteric stones...

Esoteric stones thrive on our personal energy dynamics. They operate outside the domain of our astrological transits. 
 It was October 9th, I was at home with my wife who was recovering from her severe spasmodic back-sprain, her early spondylo disco degenerative changes in lumbar spine. And suddenly after a million calls and whats app conversation, online co-ordinations (even at home rest she was constantly working), it was mandatory that someone had to go to her ongoing store site at Mega Mall, Gurgaon and click snaps on the ongoing progress of the site, rapidly approaching completion.
While going from GK II to  Hauz Khas Metro, there was a huge traffic jam, one that made a 10 minute journey, become an 1 hour and 15 minute ordeal! Exhausted, while on the Metro, I gave a call to my friend Kapil Razdan, whose showroom was just below Sultanpur Metro station, and with whom I wasn't in touch for many uncountable months. I was surprised, that for once, he was at his showroom, and NOT in some far off site, as had happened for the past few months, whenever I had called. 
Reaching, I waited around his office, and after sometime found out from his colleagues, that it was his... birthday, and they were just about to cut the birthday cake! What a ironic timing , on a day, when I had NO reason to move out of the house, because of  an unrelated random situation at a Gurgaon site, and an equally random huge traffic jam, reaching the office of a dear friend, at the exact moment..  before his birthday cake was cut. And ironically, in all our years of constantly being in touch, I have never ever wished him on his birthday. Because, my reclusive friend always kept all his facebook  birthday notifications off, and reclusively hid his birthday.
Then, it occurred to me, that past few days I had been actively recharging my green Cat's Eye stone, with it's specific mantras and recharge procedures. It was it's very energy which had manifested in the ironic haecceity of Kapil's birthday. Reminding me of my favourite photography series by Dayanita Singh, with my ever favourite ironic title..  Go Away Closer
You may always be in touch, but often when you move away, nature makes you come closer in a ironic way.

Cheers to the mild, moderate, yet distinct energies of Secondary stones! Cheerios/ Oreos!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Post 00: Return to Ketu roots/ Ground Zero

In the classic Chinese text of Taoist philosophy,  Tao Te Ching (click for link),  it's written..

Chapter 16
..The myriad things are all active
I therefore watch their return
Everything flourishes; each returns to its root
Returning to the root is called tranquility
Tranquility is called returning to one's nature
Returning to one's nature is called constancy
Chapter 40

      ...The returning is the movement of the Tao

After a long, meandering and serpentine, journey, today's post finds me returning to my Ketu roots. So do I embrace my Ketu roots once again, and once again, transform this, my third blog, to Ketu Currents, in the ever changing, mutating, tradition of my three blogs. For, as they say in Taoist philosophy.. returning to one's roots is destiny.

My long winding, indefinite, and forever research on the karmic, serpentine Rahu Ketu, the nodes of Vedic astrology began in 2002, when I was diagnosed by a friend, astrologer & gemologist Prasanta Barman, as having a multiple layered Ketu Dosha in my horoscope. After following the remedies, and wearing the cat's eye gemstone, suggested by him, I experienced multifarious reliefs and changes. And, since then, have been spurred on, to traverse a lifelong journey into vedic astrology, mysticism, healing traditions, etc, which later saw me commence my own astrological and vastu consultancy, professionally. And the main fuelling factor in this journey was my substantial research, investigation, blogging, and works on the serpentine and karmic Rahu Ketu.
However, it was much later, only after energy initiation from healer, Dipankar Roy Karmakar, in Nov 2014, that I began rediscovering the deeper roles of Ketu in my karmic journey. The sole, ruling factor in my life that has been a source of  great turbulence, upheaval and turmoil, yet ironically and paradoxically, responsible for bringing me spiritual insights, wisdom, and karmic relief.

And, in the ever changing, mutating, tradition of my three blogs, today finds me returning to my Ketu roots, and I embracing Ketu energies yet again, I transform this, my third blog, to Ketu Currents...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Log 02: Living Healing Amethyst!

Dear friends, currently, I'm writing a series of posts about my ongoing Saturn retrograde in my second house of Scorpio in my Saturn and Jupiter blog (click) under:  topic category/ label: Saturn Retro 2015. As I keep on repeating, in astrology, negative planetary transits are windows of opportunities for us to clear our pending karmic debts and issues. And, by clearing which we can progress ahead and evolve. I wrote a post on the role of Energy Clearing in such challenging planetary transits in my clearing blog titled Log 06: method-of-energy-reorientation. Today I want to talk about my experience of  the significant role Crystals can play in the healing and management of such negative planetary transits.
Four months back, when I met my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar for the very first time, he dowsed me and immediately predicted about this current ongoing effects of Retrograde Saturn  transiting through my second house of Scorpio. Along with other remedies, he told me to work with the healing crystal of Amethyst. After beginning other remedies, it was months until I could actually procure raw banded Amethyst crystals from ebay.in. Even after that, as I've written in the previous Crystal healing posts, I have worked closely with black onyx and black tourmaline for grounding, balancing. Two weeks, as i was having one of regular reviws with Dipankar, I mentioned that I had found these two black saturnine stones, black onyx and black tourmaline, to my liking. He laughed and told me, that even though I needed these stones transitionally, my energy would change, and it was only Amethyst crystals that would work for me throughout my life. Even though to me, it seemed highly unlikely, we left it at that.
Within few days of Saturn turning Retrograde in Scorpio on 14th Mar, I began to beleaguered by throat infection, shoulder, neck pains. Whenever I rubbed the Amethyst healing crystal rock over these areas, the difficulties would ease. Finally one night I woke with such excruciating pain, I could no longer even touch any black stones close to me in this intense rising, first phase(red/ check above graph) of Saturn retrograde. I took  off my black onyx, black tourmaline beads and, from that moment onwards I only stuck to Amethyst for dear life. Over the next few days, as I closely worked with my Amethyst crystal rock, I found far deeper dimensions to it, than mere physical relief from prain, pain and infection. during other such emotional turbulence caused by Saturn's Retrograde transit through my second house of Scorpio, clinging/ praying to the Amethyst rock provided relief, release, guidance and healing manifestations. Dipankar had predicted head on/ bulls-eye, four months back, on the very first meeting, about the high significance of Amethyst in my life, especially in my upcoming turbulent planetary transit.
One significant property of healing Crystal rocks, especially of the raw, tumbled, that is preferred in crystal healing (and thus highly affordable variety), is the dynamic/ active participation of the user/ wearer. The user/ wearer needs to connect to it with appropriate energy charging methods and appropriate chants. On fulfillment of which, the healing crystal forms a living, energy bond with the user!! Though I began using Amethyst only to alleviate myself from my pains/ sprains, the energy dimensions it opened to me were astonishing. After three days of energizing and using it, it opened doorways/ windows for me, which accelerated my karmic cleansing process. NOT by intensifying the events in a acute, intolerable way, BUT, by way of increased frequency of recurrence of events. As if, the energies of Saturn retrograde in my second house of Scorpio, were actually being utilised/ organised by the Amethyst crystal to help be cleanse, purge, disentangle and evolve energy wise!!! The physical manifestations of this can be only experienced to be believed!!

Another strange by product, was that the Amethyst crystal manifested events that directly disclosed about its energy nature/ and energy connection to me. Yesternight, when I was browsing through facebook, I reconnected with Tarot reader/ diviner Nisha Mehta, who in 2009, had done my card reading, and revealed my energies to be directly connected to two planets, Neptune and Saturn. For years, from the Vedic astrology perspective, I had understood and worked with strong my connection to Saturn, BUT this revelation of connection to Nepotune, was truly eye opening for me. For the next few years, I continually researched on Neptunian energies, indications, and also tried to searching for an appropriate Saturnine, Neptunian gemstones to work with. For brief transitory periods I did connect to Amethyst. Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, etc but I couldn't tolerate them beyond afew days. After the sudden, random reconnecting with Nisha Mehta, at the late night over the net, I was reminded me of my Saturnine Neptunian connection, and searched over the net for Neptunian Saturnine gemstones. The search result boggled my brains.. it was Amethyst crystal!!

At this phase, when Saturn is transiting my second house of Scorpio, and in conjunction with my  Natal/ birth Neptune, ( In my birth horoscope, I've Nepotune in my second house of Scorpio!!), the appropriate healing stone, raw Amethyst crystal has manifested in my life. Manifested, at this very specific period, during this once in 30 years conjunction of transiting Saturn over Natal Neptune, to manifest it's Saturnine Neptunian energies. In Vedic astrology, we see Amethyst as a semiprecious gemstone of Saturn. But check this links  BELOW, that i uncovered last night. Western astrology connects/ correlates Amethyst with the planet Neptune! For years I had tried to find my SINGULAR  ruling planet/ sign/ nakshatra/ chakra and THEN their corresponding gemstones. But in the end my SINGULAR  ruling Crystal found ME, and I found it's correlating planets/ signs/ chakras/ elements. At the root of my experience is the living, energy of  raw, tumbled, healing Amethyst Crystal!! feeling Crystallized!!

Some links of Neptunian gemstone Amethyst: (google search:  Neptune gemstone amethyst)..
  1.  http://insidethemindofagemini.tumblr.com/
  2.  http://www.starslikeyou.com.au/gemstones/amethyst/
  3.  http://www.starslikeyou.com.au/gemstones/amethyst/
  4. http://www.shimmerlings.com/gemstones/amethyst/    and much much more!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Log 01: multi-level clearing and reorganising

As I have expressed many a times before, the blogging process has always been a way for me to review and reorganize my own thoughts, perspectives, and viewpoints. But more so, especially NOW, combined with the process of Energy healing/ clearing as initiated by Dipankar Roy Karmakar, this blogging process has become a DIRECT energy clearing activity for me. The process of writing, rewriting and editing, of the blogging journey, results in direct energy clearing for me. And especially now, during the period of the last and current post, where the energy clearing process of blogging has actually synced itself to subtle, flowing, energies of crystal healing.. 

Under the guidance of my energy healing guide, Dipankar, I have been working closely with two healing crystals, Black Tourmaline and Amethyst. And even though, I had been working with Black Tourmaline from much earlier, I have been writing dedicatedly on the Amethyst crystal for the past three posts.  Especially, after actually getting my Amethyst crystal beads from e-bay courtesy my friend Shweta Kaw, and converting/ commenced this blog, on crystal healing. However, since last two days, I could for the first time, sense,  the profound dynamics of crystal energy. The black tourmaline bead, albeit a "dead", inanimate, crystal necklace, reinforced it's unique energy, presence and identity, in an amazing and profound way. Especially when, in the past three posts, I had completely overlooked the energies of the black tourmaline. And amazingly, like a living, sentient, energy presence, it exerted it's call to attention, through subtle changes my personal energy. Simple unbelievable? Read on..
It all began on Sunday night, as i had gone partying, and all the heavy food, drinks had gotten to me, and I had woken up dehydrated, and with hot flushes all over me. I took off both my Amethyst and black tourmaline beads, as every thing felt too much in my body. But later few glasses of water, etc, after I felt slightly okay, i touched the black tourmaline bead next to my pillow. It felt so cool, soothing, liquid, and for the lack of the better word.. compassionate. I started chanting my specific energy mantras with the black tourmaline beads, and very soon felt cooler, light, relaxed. And, after sometimes, a strange tingling sensations at the sole of my feet. It was a subtle, pleasurable sensation of tingling and itching. After chanting few rounds of mantras with my black tourmaline beads, I touched my Amethyst beads and felt a distinct sensation of heat coming from it. Long back, my energy guide Dipankar had told of the properties of Amethyst, that it emanated a Violet fire, subtle yet burning, purifying energy, but, this was the first time I could actually feel it. The Violet Fire of Amethyst exactly feels like my favourite Bruce Springsteen song of more than 20 years now.. I'm On Fire- bruce springsteen (click here for link). Especially that part.. "at night, I wake up, with the sheets soaking wet, and the freight train running through the middle of my head". Anyways, Violet flame was more than waht I was willing to handle, at this point of time. So, I decided to focus the Grounding/ Balancing energies of the black tourmaline, for the next few days.

My guide, Dipankar keeps on referring to the Grounding/ Balancing energies, properties of certain mantras and crystals, but, from this moment, I could realise the physical human meaning of Grounding/ Balancing, basically means.. Clearing and re-organisation on many and multi-levels!!
Then forth, since yesterday, I found myself engaged with many pending activities, balancing acts of many and multilevels. Yesterday, i found myself finishing a long winding closure to last weeks pending submission, a kind of wrapping up. Today, I had to uplink the gas account to the bank account as the new LPG directive has come all over India. i had to run back and forth between the Gas agency and home, for many documents but it got finally done. The blogging format, of this blog itself has become more optimized. I removed two sub headings/ categorizations/ labels to make it more simplified. Check the illustration below..

Moreover my wifes colleague Sumeet Saxena, our ever friendly helpful angel came and showed us two Grounding/ Balancing, haha, read it as clearing/ reorganizing methods for our slowing down computers.. Go to task bar, go to Run, %temp%, gets you to the piled up junk internet files, and "prefetch", gets you to other junk files. The necessary Grounding/ Balancing for computers. Meanwhile my friend Nandini Singh posted a long reply to my previous post, indicating Grounding/ Balancing on the neuron levels. Check the illustration below..

Also, I began the long overdue process of retrieving my painstakingly collected Music files from my close to death PC, to my newer machine, and later to my Cellphone. The Grounding/ Balancing energy of black tourmaline has ignited a process of reorganization in my environment and myself. On many and mutli levels. Cheers to the healing properties of crystals. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amethyst 02:Hot-cold, yin-yang

The subtle flowing energy of healing crystals can be experienced distinctly, after  proper selection, and  energy initiation by a practicing energy healer. Here, I narrate my energy experiences of the  Amethyst  crystal

In the previous post, I already narrated of the prevailing chaotic bustle around because of my wife's pending project submission. I kept on energizing the Crystal and despite many road blocks the submission was completed in time.
But the story doesn't end there. Even as the chaotic yet satisfying Buzz of the work flow prevailed a parallel stream of energy flow prevailed. When I had begun to be initiated into energy healing in my home town Guwahati I had experienced a lot of energy knocks and shaking. But which by virtue of their function cleared a lot of pending negative energies. However after returning to Delhi the entire nervous energy Buzz completely died down. And I found myself in lethargy. It's natural that extreme poles are totally intolerable for us normal human beings. Especially for me, my brain and balance completely goes for a toss, be it the extreme poles of super chaos or the other end of ultra lethargy. Life goes far better for me some where in the middle! !
So I energized the Amethyst Crystal with specific chants as taught by my guide light worker Dipankar Roy Karmakar. And slowly the energy of the Amethyst Crystal subtly and gradually resurrected the energy stream of Guwahati directly into Delhi. The subtle energy of Amethyst Crystal seemed to create a energy link between the extreme chaotic bustle of my hometown Guwahati and the extreme lethargy which I often experienced in Delhi. People traveling from home town Guwahati suddenly appeared in Delhi and downloaded the entire prevailing nervous energy of past two months in a huge mega unloading at my very doorstep. Even though it sounds distressing it's highly recommended from the Energy Healing perspective! !
Because only through the mandatory process of Knocking Shaking catharsis and equal dose of grounding balancing, can we progress and evolve, from the Energy Healing perspective.Things were being restored to a strange balance... a homeostasis of Yin and yang, of Knocking/ Shaking and GROUNDING and balancing.
 My gratitude to energies of the Amethyst crystal for it's subtle yet purely physical manifestation of the twin process of catharsis and rejuvenation. And the rush and the Buzz of subsequent hot cold, yin and yang is quite an hair raising ADVENTURE IN energy....

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Amethyst 01: First blossom of Violet

The subtle flowing energy of healing crystals can be experienced distinctly, after  proper selection, and  energy initiation by a practicing energy healer. Here, I narrate my energy experiences of the  Amethyst  crystal

The energy unfolding of raw crystals, tumbled gemstones, are always gentle, subtle, and gradual. AND, If we are in a haste, and not in a meditative state of contemplation, we may not even notice their effects. In my own case, I want to narrate the minutest details of such subtle and gentle energies. And the first minute blossoming of working with my Amethyst crystal for these last three days, ( even though, I had purchased it last week itself, it's only in these past three days, that I have even begun to use it), is now at 2: 28 am, Monday late, late night, or at arms length to Tuesday morning, amidst the harried claustrophobic hustle, and chaotic bustle of wife's current design submission, and my backup, administrative support notwithstanding, is the blossoming of this first post, of Violet Hues. And the spontaneous, if half sleepy, automatic  conversion of this blog titled earlier as Karmic Planets, and yet previously titled as Neptunian something. Half sleepy, zombied conversion of this blog to Violet Hues. And the renaming, labeling of my already existent list of music under the definitive Page Header of Violet music. For those, even cursorily, and randomly passing through this blog, might be slightly tempted to traverse through the listings of Violet music. And then, might be further intrigued by the concept of Energy Healing, so on and so forth. Amidst the high congestion of ultra over layered work environs, the first poetic, breathing, violet space of Violet Hues was created and established.
Some of the other noticeable effects of working with my rough, raw crystal Amethyst stone, is that despite the congestion of the prevailing work schedule, and a semblance of order was somehow managed, and some clarity achieved in the process, albeit with my peripheral support to the central team effort. And a lot of group focus, and concentration prevailed on the team, which was previously a bit disjointed, fragmented, and a bit wayward. And I did all these, with not the least of effort, rather a spasm of automatic reflex and chanting using my Amethyst rock.
My gratitude to my guide, and the subtle energy of the Amethyst crystal. Cheerio! G'nite. signing off at 2:46 am!!! :P