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On blogging
For me, writing, especially blogging, has always been more a source of catharsis, venting,  and expurgation.  As opposed to any objective expression of ideas/ concepts. For me, it's always been writing/ blogging for the sake of writing/ blogging itself. A process of redemptive writing/ blogging.. 

In my horoscope, Mercury and Sun are located in my 12th house of Virgo, which makes me excellent at cathartic, redemptive, writing. Saturn conjunct Ketu, in my 9th house, and thus, Rahu in my 3rd house of self expression, makes this process of writing/ blogging/ self expression heavily serpentine, layered, and overbearing. This is evident in all earlier posts of this blog, and those of my other two, namely:Energy Clearing blog and that dedicated to Shanidev..Saturnine Blog.
But in this entire process, because of a critical/ surgical Ketu in my 9th house, (click link: Critical Planets intro) there arise fragmented windows of opportunity for various erratic/ quantum trails of emerge/ arise..

The currents of Ketu.. 
Similar to the Energy Clearing Process, described in my Energy Clearing blog, Ketu energies are two fold.. the Churning of Chitragupta and the Blessings of Brahma. 
First, we get hammered, by the mace of Chitragupta, Churning us, clearing us of our pending karmic debts, and our legacies of hideously entrapping karmic entanglements. 
Then, after that churning, we get the blessings of Brahma, who gives us the window of opportunity to manifest our divine/ unique creativity...
Cheers! This Intro Page has been ga enesis of this Post: Current 01: fragments of quantum/ erratic 

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