Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Log 02: Living Healing Amethyst!

Dear friends, currently, I'm writing a series of posts about my ongoing Saturn retrograde in my second house of Scorpio in my Saturn and Jupiter blog (click) under:  topic category/ label: Saturn Retro 2015. As I keep on repeating, in astrology, negative planetary transits are windows of opportunities for us to clear our pending karmic debts and issues. And, by clearing which we can progress ahead and evolve. I wrote a post on the role of Energy Clearing in such challenging planetary transits in my clearing blog titled Log 06: method-of-energy-reorientation. Today I want to talk about my experience of  the significant role Crystals can play in the healing and management of such negative planetary transits.
Four months back, when I met my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar for the very first time, he dowsed me and immediately predicted about this current ongoing effects of Retrograde Saturn  transiting through my second house of Scorpio. Along with other remedies, he told me to work with the healing crystal of Amethyst. After beginning other remedies, it was months until I could actually procure raw banded Amethyst crystals from Even after that, as I've written in the previous Crystal healing posts, I have worked closely with black onyx and black tourmaline for grounding, balancing. Two weeks, as i was having one of regular reviws with Dipankar, I mentioned that I had found these two black saturnine stones, black onyx and black tourmaline, to my liking. He laughed and told me, that even though I needed these stones transitionally, my energy would change, and it was only Amethyst crystals that would work for me throughout my life. Even though to me, it seemed highly unlikely, we left it at that.
Within few days of Saturn turning Retrograde in Scorpio on 14th Mar, I began to beleaguered by throat infection, shoulder, neck pains. Whenever I rubbed the Amethyst healing crystal rock over these areas, the difficulties would ease. Finally one night I woke with such excruciating pain, I could no longer even touch any black stones close to me in this intense rising, first phase(red/ check above graph) of Saturn retrograde. I took  off my black onyx, black tourmaline beads and, from that moment onwards I only stuck to Amethyst for dear life. Over the next few days, as I closely worked with my Amethyst crystal rock, I found far deeper dimensions to it, than mere physical relief from prain, pain and infection. during other such emotional turbulence caused by Saturn's Retrograde transit through my second house of Scorpio, clinging/ praying to the Amethyst rock provided relief, release, guidance and healing manifestations. Dipankar had predicted head on/ bulls-eye, four months back, on the very first meeting, about the high significance of Amethyst in my life, especially in my upcoming turbulent planetary transit.
One significant property of healing Crystal rocks, especially of the raw, tumbled, that is preferred in crystal healing (and thus highly affordable variety), is the dynamic/ active participation of the user/ wearer. The user/ wearer needs to connect to it with appropriate energy charging methods and appropriate chants. On fulfillment of which, the healing crystal forms a living, energy bond with the user!! Though I began using Amethyst only to alleviate myself from my pains/ sprains, the energy dimensions it opened to me were astonishing. After three days of energizing and using it, it opened doorways/ windows for me, which accelerated my karmic cleansing process. NOT by intensifying the events in a acute, intolerable way, BUT, by way of increased frequency of recurrence of events. As if, the energies of Saturn retrograde in my second house of Scorpio, were actually being utilised/ organised by the Amethyst crystal to help be cleanse, purge, disentangle and evolve energy wise!!! The physical manifestations of this can be only experienced to be believed!!

Another strange by product, was that the Amethyst crystal manifested events that directly disclosed about its energy nature/ and energy connection to me. Yesternight, when I was browsing through facebook, I reconnected with Tarot reader/ diviner Nisha Mehta, who in 2009, had done my card reading, and revealed my energies to be directly connected to two planets, Neptune and Saturn. For years, from the Vedic astrology perspective, I had understood and worked with strong my connection to Saturn, BUT this revelation of connection to Nepotune, was truly eye opening for me. For the next few years, I continually researched on Neptunian energies, indications, and also tried to searching for an appropriate Saturnine, Neptunian gemstones to work with. For brief transitory periods I did connect to Amethyst. Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, etc but I couldn't tolerate them beyond afew days. After the sudden, random reconnecting with Nisha Mehta, at the late night over the net, I was reminded me of my Saturnine Neptunian connection, and searched over the net for Neptunian Saturnine gemstones. The search result boggled my brains.. it was Amethyst crystal!!

At this phase, when Saturn is transiting my second house of Scorpio, and in conjunction with my  Natal/ birth Neptune, ( In my birth horoscope, I've Nepotune in my second house of Scorpio!!), the appropriate healing stone, raw Amethyst crystal has manifested in my life. Manifested, at this very specific period, during this once in 30 years conjunction of transiting Saturn over Natal Neptune, to manifest it's Saturnine Neptunian energies. In Vedic astrology, we see Amethyst as a semiprecious gemstone of Saturn. But check this links  BELOW, that i uncovered last night. Western astrology connects/ correlates Amethyst with the planet Neptune! For years I had tried to find my SINGULAR  ruling planet/ sign/ nakshatra/ chakra and THEN their corresponding gemstones. But in the end my SINGULAR  ruling Crystal found ME, and I found it's correlating planets/ signs/ chakras/ elements. At the root of my experience is the living, energy of  raw, tumbled, healing Amethyst Crystal!! feeling Crystallized!!

Some links of Neptunian gemstone Amethyst: (google search:  Neptune gemstone amethyst)..
  4.    and much much more!