Friday, November 15, 2013

Rahu Ketu and Desire: a post modern perspective

     Rahu Ketu Contrasts as explained by a Deleuzian thinker 

15th Nov, Friday, 2013. the  BEST thing about blogging as opposed to writing a book is the opportunity of dynamic, human interaction to be part of the narrative process. Morning, in the  facebook group on Deleuze a fellow member Ivan Krisjansen responded to someones query about Desire. In his explanation, I saw a vast platform, of definitions raised which was perfectly descriptive of the Rahu Ketu contrasts. Desire as everyone knows is the embodiment of Rahu, and surrender of desire/ fanatical righteous zeal is embodiment of Ketu. Hence, in Ivans descriptions I found a lot of Rahu (and hence, by virtue of anti thesis, Ketu) definitions. He wrote.. 

"First thing to avoid is confusing the object of desire (e.g., a woman, a person, new clothes , travel, etc.) as a single entity, as a single thing on its own. You never desire someone or something on its own, instead the object of desire – for example, the woman – is desired in the form of a construction of elements", 
IMPLYING: Rahu is always an aggregate or summation or series, or a conglomerate of fragments combining together to form a cloudy being, an anormophic entity. Ketu on other hand is a singular, seprated, fanatical single minded instance. You seek something for the pure essence of it's being.  Nothing else. Something like Truth for Truth's sake. hence, Ketu can lead to much more sigle, minded , fanatical obssession , than Rahu. As a contrast, in the Rahu desire, there is always a consequentiality involved. If I get A, then it leads to B, C, D.. a series of desirable consequences.

"For example, the woman – is desired in the form of a construction of elements,a collection of relations, an assemblage that connects with the woman you desire and your own family, your friends, your social life, your world. The woman you desire, like all objects of desire, becomes an aggregate, a collection of relationships that fit your world order, only then does desire begin to emerge. The object of desire becomes both a woman and a landscape and she is desired all the more only when the landscape unfolds, that is, you will not attain happiness in desire until you have resolved the aggregate woman/landscape. Just how and in what way will she fit into your world? This landscape needs to be resolved before she becomes desirable."
IMPLYING: With Rahu, the backdrop, the background is extremely important for  something to be placed in it's scheme of things. In fact, more than ITSELF, the objects total relations/ relationship/ connections, position with the backdrop/ environment/ comes TOTALLY into consideration! Hence politics, society, diplomacy is a important Rahu domain!!

 "In this way the aggregate becomes something more than the woman desired - the desire is in the entire context belonging to the woman desired. You never desire something all by itself and neither do you desire an aggregate either, rather you desire from within an aggregate. For example drinking alcohol never means that you desire to drink and that’s it – rather desire will ‘flow’, that is, you may drink alone while reading or working, you may drink with friends at a certain pub or at a cafĂ©. Desire flows across a spectrum belonging to an aggregate of territories, styles of speech, dress, ornamentation, and so on."
 IMPLYING: With Rahu, the aggregate, the overall summation EXCEEDS the singular point, or singular points of specatcular inconsistency! With Rahu, it's a vast series of variabilities, multiplicities, dualities, multiple variables which COMBINE together to form an composite AGGREGATE.  With Ketu, it's the REVERSE: one singular instance of inconsistency, one spectacular Singular instance, completely disrupts  the entire summation, the entire structure!! Whole scheme of things goes for a complete toss.

Oh, by the way, some good brains you got  Ivan Krisjansen!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kalsarp Yog: 28 Apr- 2nd Oct, 2013

As usual, with me things are quite paradoxical/ ironic. I am one creature who's into astrological consultation, astrological transits etc, almost  24/7 with three blogs, facebook groups, sceret groups, phone calls, forums, around the clock.  But it took a message from our landlord Sunil on 11th august to wake me up to the most extreme and significant cosmic phenomenon.

Sunil wrote: "Adim. I am under the impression that all major planets ie Jupiter, Saturn, and the nodes Rahu Ketu are in a straight line- how long will this last?". Sunil is a senior member of Soka Gakkai, (Nichiren Daishnin's Buddhism), and cpunsels his Chanting members all through their walsk of life. For the past eight years, more than being a landlord, he has guided us through many, many issues of our existence. And it's often, that we sit together, discussing about spiritual, political, national topics, and the effects of prevailing transits and analysis of different horoscopes. I find Sunil's analysis, always loaded with insight, wisdom, intution. Often picking out vital but obvious points that I ofetn overlook. His perspective is one of more balance and wider karmic perspective. So, when he hinted about this prevailing transit, I took considerable interest in it. And dived into the alamanac.

Well, it only took me all of ten minutes to discover the obvious: the prevailing Kalsarpa Yog from 28th april- 2nd october, 2013! I am bored of repeating my classic dialogue, but yes, it's always at the fag end of things, that I find out about prevailing transits. And Kalsarpa Yog is no minor astrological phase.

Kalsarpa Yog occurs in the heavens, when all planets are hemmed  on one side of the straight line that forms the Rahu Ketu axis. This creates a watershed in the heavens. All planets can be said to be trapped in the semicircle formed by the Rahu Ketu axis. On one side of the Serpentine axis, all planets crowded together, and on the other side, emptiness, void. This creates a severe imbalance in the astrological energies. Like water on one side of the dam, and a deep valley on the other side. The natural flow of things have come to an
standstill/ imbalance/ watershed. Its a period of extreme energies.

In mythology, Kalsarpa Yog has an important role in the Vedic tale of the Churning of The Cosmic Ocean. Kalsarpa axis is represented by the cosmic serpent Vasuki who was wrapped around mount Meru, pulled by Devatas/ Light Creatures on on  side and Asuras/ beings of Darkness, on the other side. Both sides using the mount meru as the churning rod to churn the cosmic ocean. The churning of the cosmic Ocean rpresented a period of extreme, imbalance, havoc, turbulence before order was restored to the Universe. For more info, google: Vedic mythology - churning of the Cosmic ocean.

Basically kalsarpa represents a cosmic churning period. Where, two opposing sides within our own selves come into conflict with each other. We pull and push, the giant serpent Vasuki, churning our emotional, psychological, spiritual, material universe within ourselves. We keep pulling back and letting go, back and forth between opposites. Often denoting the Karmic conflict within. Thereby, the period of Kalsarpa Yog can be said to be an universal Churning period. Of all starsigns, zodiac, planetary influences. Of all creatures on heaven and earth, whether they are demonic or angelic. THIS IS ONE ASTROLOGICAL PHENOMENON THAT AFFECTS EVERYBODY!! UNIVERSALLY!! Irresolution, vacillation, conflict, dialectical movement is the order of the day. Fluctuation, oscillation, inner pressures, flux, turbulence, flotsam/ jetsam. Often the energies brought by Kalsarp Yog are extremely powerful BUT not long lasting. The effects of Kalsarp yog is reduced, once the stranglehold/ watershed of the heavens ends, and one by one the planets exit the semicircle of Rahu Ketu. Slowly, balance is restored to the ordered universe, once Kalsarp yog ends.

This Kalsarp Yog coinciding with chinese year of the serpent only increases the serpentine energy in the climate. Because on either sides of the himalayas, even though the individual terminology, calculations, differ according to separate interpretations of the Chinese and Indian civilizations, the overall universal value system remains the same! some of the more occult Chinese astrology websites have a description of Serpentine energies, that provide a vast and deep insight into the workings of the Serpentine nodes. The deeper dynamics of our Vedic Kalsarp Yog!

Despite being an astrological consultant myself, i have no regrets that I didn't foresee this cosmic, significant astrological phenomenon, until it's very peak was on, OVER me. And that too after our landlord  pinpointed my foucs towards it. I feel that as practitioners of this craft, it is more important to experience such enormously significant events  first hand and then after sufficient contemplation, rant about it full on! The prerogative should be to understand it completely from a personal, subjective, visceral level. Rather than, bombarding it with a vast arsenal of theories and textbook interpretations. It was very important for me to experience this highly significant astrological transit ON a very personal, karmic, level before commencing my analysis on it. the churning is happening within my body itself, as I am Libran ascendant, and since this Kalsarp is happening in Aries-Libra, this is the most BASIC/ FUNDAMENTAL/ UNIVERSAL Kalsarpa. Maybe the cosmic churning of the ocean happened during this Aries- Libra configuration.

Another highly noteworthy thing's that, during this very Kalsarp Yog, I finally fused my Rahu Ketu blog under one singular word/ heading: Serpentine. With this word everything seemed to fall in place. there wasn't any distinction between rahu Ketu anymore, just one singular serpentine axis. I can't even begin to describe the long journey since forever to reach this one singular word. The number of changes I've had, the innumerable  descriptions, to this blog. Which, now in retrospect feel unimaginably dramatic,  heinously comic. Why did the word Serpentine wait so long to be found out? This one singular word? Was all my years of research on the serpentine nodes predestined to converge into one singular word/ concept during this prevailing, significant Kalsarp yog + Chinese year of Serpent? Sounds very Serpentine to me. Very Serpentine..

Monday, September 2, 2013

By-lanes 13: Herbie Hancocks "The Piano"

In By-lanes, I narrate essential Serpentine experiences. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:

2nd Sep, 2013. For years, I had been searching for the ultimate Serpentine piano album. But had always overlooked my keyboard idol Herbie Hancock in favour of many other magical composers. THAT WAS, until I stumbled upon his albeit unheard album "The Piano". Suddenly I was transported into another world.. The Serpentine magic of romance, jazz, atmospherics, all rolled into one epic, sublime, serpentine album. All these Twenty Three years of listening to Herbie Hancock, but always had overlooked his most sublime, live, magical album "The Piano". Hear to the serpentine, romantic, magical, mutating, shady tracks on youtube. ( Herbie Hancock + The Piano ). Especially the tracks:
1. My Funny Valentine  2. Someday my Prince will come 3. Harvest time 4. Manhattan Island. 5. Sonrisa 6. Jessica 
An album that truly celebrates the qualities of the serpentine energies. Cheers to the great master, who's captured the sublime essence of the Serpentine energies..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rahu Ketu Chakras

After considering the great problem of assigning Chakras to the Serpentine Lords, I could finally conclude that:  

Ketu ruled Chakras: 
The Odd numbered chakras of  1. ROOT,  3. NAVEL, 5. THROAT and 7. CROWN are ruled by Ketu. They signify individuality, intution, self, Ego, intution, spirituality 

Rahu ruled Chakras  
The Even numbered Chakras are ruled by Rahu: 2. Sacral, 4. Heart, and  6. BROW. They signify Harmonisation, blending, flow, perceptions, thought, materiality. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rahu Ketu Karma

I've been consistently researching and writing about the serpentine nodes Rahu Ketu since 2007. And the journey has naturally evolved on it's own from Ayurvedic aspects, and further onwards to Karmic aspects. This is a natural unfolding on account of my energy clearing journey (Check my: Energy Clearing Blog. 

And this post represents the Karmic understanding of the serpentine nodes Rahu Ketu.  Basically the nine planets of Vedic astrology, and three outer planets of Western astrology are classified as  follows:

Vata Humour representing Air element, signifying : Saturn, Rahu, Mercury and Uranus. It connects to forces of movement, change, thought. Vata ruled signs are: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and the sign of Virgo, which is usually classified as Earth sign in western astrology, but represents role of gaseous elements in the digestive system, and rules over the large intestine!

Pitta Humour representing Fire element, signifying : Sun, Mars, Ketu and Pluto. It connects to forces of light, heat, combustion, burning, energy. Pitta ruled signs are: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and the sign of  Taurus, which is usually classified as Earth sign in western astrology, but represents the throat area, glands, thyroid functions, cerebellum, ruling and affecting galndular functions throughout the body.

Kapha Humour representing Water element, signifying : Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune. It connects to inertia, preservation, mass, matter, physical bulk of things. Kapha ruled signs are: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and the sign of  Capricorn, which is usually classified as Earth sign in western astrology, but represents the bones, joints, skeletal structures holding the body together. 

Rahu is a Airy/ Vata force that is an amalgamation of  the Vata planets Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, and the Vata signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Virgo. It also strongly connects to Kapha, earthy Venusian sign of Taurus. 

 Ketu is a Fiery/ Pitta force that is an amalgamation of  the planets Sun, Mars, Pluto and the signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces. It also strongly connects to Kapha, watery Martian sign of  Scorpio.

Now, I shall bypass a lot of astrological layers, and Ayurvedic indications, and come to the heart of the matter, the Karmic aspect of Rahu Ketu...

Whenever, a person has created a lot of Vata karma in previous lives, namely by the indiscriminate , excessive,use of Mercury, Saturnine, Uranus qualities. The indiscriminate excessive use of communication skills of Gemini, the diplomatic, fickle, vacillating nature of Libra, the visionary, airy, fairy, idealistic perspective of Aquarius. Then, he has to balance out this life by doing Ketu karma. By embodying the emotional, physical, experiential process of Ketu energies. He has to sacrifice his genetically inherited excessive Vata nature and willfully connect to the physical, emotional, visceral lower Chakras of Ketu energy!!

Whenever, a person has created a lot of Kapha karma in previous lives, namely by the indiscriminate over-emotionality of  Cancer, churning intensity of Scorpio, mystical indulgence of Pisces, the excessive use of Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune qualities. Or he has excessively used the introvert, homely security of Cancer, the intense, possessive, sexual, emotional nature of Scorpio, the indulgent, visionary, utopian, idealistic perspective of Pisces. Then, he has to balance out this life by doing Rahu karma. By embodying the airy, movement, intellectual, windy, mental, electrical  process of  Rahu energies. He has to sacrifice his karmic baggage, genetically inherited excessive Kapha nature and willfully connect to the mental, conceptual, creative upper Chakras of Rahu energy!!

Rahu, when it connects us to our upper chakras, gives us intelligence, intution, independence, originality, individuality, insight, ingenuity, inspiration, movement, rupture and stormy electrical energy neccessary to overcome our past life Kapha dosha excesses!! 
Ketu, when it connects us to our lower chakras. gives us emotional instinct, physicality, material experience, grounding, galndular support, reconnects us to strongly flowing undelrying emotional currents, intensity, penetration, combustion neccessary to overcome our past life Vata dosha excesses!!

Rahu connects us to cosmic intelligence, the sky, space, virtual dimensions, possibilities and future quantum probabilities.Ketu connects us to grounding, earthing, roots, inherited energies, undercurrents, and past life causal connections.

Long back I did my Mayan Dreamspell Calculation (click this link) and saw the result Red Galactic Earth.. makes sense from the Ketu perspective!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

By-lanes 12: A film- Chapter 3

In By-lanes, I narrate experiences of the Serpentine journey, full of detours, diversions, tangents, and by-lanes. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:

I wrote this post originally for my Karmic Designd blog, but this pic definitely fits the Serpentine category. .
Yesterday, I finally got to see the finished version of  my friend Baba’s short film “Chapter 3”. Check youtube link:  The film PERFECTLY spelt out the current mood of this prevailing planetary transit! Disturbing, dark, subdued violence. Canned Heat! About to explode. LONG PENDING KARMIC ISSUES, finally ABOUT  to explode. In your face. An uneasy knotting in your stomach. Of highly malefic terror, lurking in the backdrop. A PERFECT representation of the current explosive Ketu + Mars conjunction in Aries opposing the dark Lords Retrograde Saturn and Rahu in Libra. The character of the protagonist in the film reflects the Ketu approach.  Vengeance personified, cool, chilled, detached, the perfect assassin.  Before watching the pic, I was feeling this sense of foreboding Serpentine gloom. But watching this short film Chapter 3, gave a perfect expression of the Serpentine mood.. A perfect serpentine by-lane into the current mood of the.. Serpentine Lords ..

Saturday, April 6, 2013

By-lanes 11: Saturn Retro 2013 Updates

In By-lanes, I narrate experiences of the Serpentine journey, full of detours, diversions, tangents, and by-lanes. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:

Please check my Karmic Designs Blog for the regular, now 40+ updates on Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013. Cheers. I will resume writing in this blog once Saturn Retro ends. Some previews, pics, illustrations, below from my endless posts on Annual Saturn Retro 2013. Unimaginable, complicated, layered havens, serpentine by-lanes of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013..

Monday, February 4, 2013

By-lanes 10: India Art Fair 2013

In By-lanes, I narrate experiences of the Serpentine journey, full of detours, diversions, tangents, and by-lanes. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:

Yesterday my friend Kareem invited me for the Delhi art fair. Randomly my friend Saurabh was also there. Trying to meet an artist friend whom I also coincidentally know. We had gone to meet artists, none of whom  were there. I had written a write up for a my friend, a renowned artist, but she wasn't there! For a change.. all we had was left to see the artwork all around! Was good to see her artwork it, up on the wall!! As we meandered through the exhibits, I tried to surmise them in words: erratic, high, highbrow, avante garde, experimental, awry, saturnine, primordial, sombre, whacky, irreverent, wild mutations of reverence/ profanity, whacky satirical, sarcastic, slapstick humorous, etc. Only one word to sum it ALL up: Serpentine !!
Later I & Saurabh went to backyards of NSIC grounds. Peacocks roaming, abandoned warehouses. Giant serpentine logs of trees. A Serpentine meandering by-lane through the world of art..