Ketu Music

One the best ways to perceive the qualities of planetary energies and  is through music. Here I've tried to compile a list of songs which I feel strongly connects to Ketu energy. These familiar, standard popular songs contain a subtle, yet distinct undercurrent of Ketu energies.
The songs have been compiled into two lists, the first list, saved as "Ketu Music" on my mobile phone, consists of songs expressing the poignant, intense, emotional undercurrents, the watery aspect of  Ketu energies...

  1. Soft Touch- O Bryan
  2.  I couldn't Love you More- Sade
  3. Hand to mouth- George Michael
  4. Heaven Can Wait- Michael Jackson 
  5. Liberian girl - Michael Jackson 
  6. I'm on Fire- Bruce Springsteen
  7. Never as Good as the first time- Sade
  8. Everybody laughed but you- Sting 
  9. On the Beach - Chris Rea 
The second list saved as "Ketu Grooves" on my mobile phone, expresses the smoldering, serpentine fires of , Ketu's infrared energies. After hunting 529 songsfrom the internet, and carefully scrutinizing and sorting them into 27 categories of 80's music, 16 folders of other Genres, and 12 folders of  astrologically classified music, I could come up with only three songs so far,  (updated on 7th Apr, 2016),  expressing the smoky, smoldering, infrared currents of Ketu energies..
  1. C.O.D. ( i'll deliver) - Mtume 
  2. Over and Over - Shalamar
  3. Nights over Egypt - The Jones Girls 

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