Saturday, December 17, 2011

By-lanes 01: mah song Deep Blue Sea

In By-lanes, I narrate experiences of the Serpentine journey, full of detours, diversions,tangents, and by-lanes. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:

Since 2005 I had completely given up creating music. Earlier it was a full fledged profession for me, composing music for TV, documentaries, arranging songs etc. But from 2005, (when the ice age of my life commenced) after returning into interiors/ architecture, marriage, shifting to Delhi etc, my music career had completely died. Since then I had often tried spasmodically to re start the creative process, but technology had move too far ahead. The entire process of creating music had changed. Whereas I used to work on the Trinity sequencer, saving data on the floppy drive!!, the new world had got VST, PC platform, MIDI/ Usb keyboards etc. My Korg Trinity had become completely redundant and I had become completely obsolete. So when friend Sudip from srfti, called me to collaborate on a song he was making, I was considerably delighted. There were lot of technological obstructions (read that as Karmic blocks) that we faced. Though, Sudip was well versed with recording methods and softwares, he was compltetely unfamiliar with the Triton advanced keyboard he had at his disposal. And for me it was vice versa. The flash memory card of the Triton was missing. There was no way we could even save a song I had sequenced. I was completely handicapped without the sequencer. Despite so many blocks, I somehow recorded few tracks live to his composed song Naina Morey. Sudip sent across the basic track to his friend director who appreciated it. At least all the haphazard efforts had proved frutiful.

Creation of my first proper song: DEEP BLUE SEA
Yesterday, 16 Dec, Friday, Sudip came over late afternoon. Last few days I was down with fever, cold and yesterday I just went out to break the monotony. I sat on Sudip's Triton and tried to figure out ways to save data, frutilessly. Then just a exercise, began composing layers of the sequencer. one thing led to the other and suddenly I had a full fledged short song happening. I mixed tracks internally and dumped all of it unmixed from the keyboard. Hastily, I wrote few words and began.. singing (for the 2nd time ever). Soon Sudip plugged in some flanger and reverb and lo, we had a song Deep Blue Sea on our hands. Almost a decade of working on music, and this was the first time ever, i came up with a proper song. All songs prior to this were forced exercises without meaning or intent. Half created shambles of incompleteness and incoherence. An earlier song Nowgong Town created in 2004 had been worked upon for next 1.5 years, incompletely!!  But Deep Blue Sea was not planned, objectively, but a random trial, which ended up a complete song  in three hours flat! A random by-lane, which led to the lyrics dedicated to Lord Varuna, who rules the Deep Blue Sea  within our hearts.  leading us relief from this harsh, karmic world! For years my friends had asked me to make them hear my "song", my story. Henceforth, if i never get to create anything ever, at least I created one song on Lord Varuna, the prime deity connected to Serpentine Rahu and Shanidev...

Click link to hear song;  Deep Blue Sea on soundcloud

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