Friday, April 27, 2012

By-lanes 03: Insight into Mayan Astrology..

In By-lanes, I narrate experiences of the Serpentine journey, full of detours, diversions, tangents, and by-lanes. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:
I came to my friend Lueit's office. Being Ketu influenced he suddenly comes with these flashes of inspiration, and raptures. Suddenly, and sponatneously, like Ketu energies, he began talking about Mayan calendar, Dec 2012, galactic center alignment, Gamma rays, etc. Ketu energies is like Sun, Mars, LEADS with sudden flashes of insight. And Rahu energies is like Saturn, Venus, FOLLOWS/ RESPONDS , albeit lazily. In a serpentine, meandering path. In true Rahu style, I began randomly browsing on the net. And chanting Ketu mantras for some insight. Suddenly, I found this awesome link on Mayan astrology. : link: (free_mayan_readings).  Using the online Dreamspell Calculator, I found my being/ self: Red Earth.(click Link). Reading the Mayan Terminology of my own character "Tone 8: Harmonic Resonance", had me zapped, cos its one DEFINITIVE aspect of Lord Rahu, my ruling Lord. In fact the Mayan Term: Harmonic Resonance is a perfect Rahu quality!! Different civilizations, different nomenclature. But the same heavenly beings. Call it Serpentine Lords Saturn Rahu Ketu or Chtulhu, Dragon, Quetzlcoatl whatever..!!! Universal recognition of Serpentine energies in ALL CULTURES!!

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