Friday, September 21, 2012

By-lanes 07: Tangents of Mercies..

In By-lanes, I narrate experiences of the Serpentine journey, full of detours, diversions, tangents, and by-lanes. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:

 On 17th Sept, my 39th birthday, I went to drop my wife Sangeeta at the airport. We were both at hometown Guwhati, but she had to return to Delhi for some urgent work. It was Biswakarma Puja, the Lord of architects. And celebrations all around. We went to our dads office for the Biswakarma puja enroute to the airport. Suddenly reaching the airport, I found wife Sangeeta's laptop bag missing. I had left it the office!!! Hardly any time for her flight left, and all important documents etc inside!! It was impossible for someone to reach from That far away. My wife was all fire/ brimstone/ Chamunda Kali avatar. A sight to behold.
Suddenly I called up my young friend Masfique Ali Hazarika. He happened to be near our office. And soon got hold of the laptop bag also. But too far away, too much distance, so I lost hope. But I began praying to God for some mercy, some miracle. The clock started moving in super slow motion. Each second stretching into infinity, wifes temper soaring , flaring like a dormant volcano gone active...Finally riding like the wind, flying across the skies friend Masfique reached.. with the laptop. I gasped a sigh of relief,  my prayers had been answered. Being Libran ascendant, my malefic planets Sun, and Mars always land me in the Grand Highway of Disaster and Crisis. But the Serpentine Lords save my case by their unexpected By-lanes of Relief! Unexpected angels and detours of relief. And for those odd tangents, Serpentine by-lanes of  respite..  I express my eternal gratitude...


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