Monday, September 2, 2013

By-lanes 13: Herbie Hancocks "The Piano"

In By-lanes, I narrate essential Serpentine experiences. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:

2nd Sep, 2013. For years, I had been searching for the ultimate Serpentine piano album. But had always overlooked my keyboard idol Herbie Hancock in favour of many other magical composers. THAT WAS, until I stumbled upon his albeit unheard album "The Piano". Suddenly I was transported into another world.. The Serpentine magic of romance, jazz, atmospherics, all rolled into one epic, sublime, serpentine album. All these Twenty Three years of listening to Herbie Hancock, but always had overlooked his most sublime, live, magical album "The Piano". Hear to the serpentine, romantic, magical, mutating, shady tracks on youtube. ( Herbie Hancock + The Piano ). Especially the tracks:
1. My Funny Valentine  2. Someday my Prince will come 3. Harvest time 4. Manhattan Island. 5. Sonrisa 6. Jessica 
An album that truly celebrates the qualities of the serpentine energies. Cheers to the great master, who's captured the sublime essence of the Serpentine energies..

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