Thursday, January 9, 2014

Concept 01: Serpentine digressions

With the Serpentine nodes Rahu Ketu, things are always paradoxical, ironic, contradictory. And since their influence is strong upon my chart, I always end up far and away from all my originally intended objectives. In the Serpentine journey, what is objectively intended, and where we finally reach, is far apart! Like for instance, here I had started out with great zest to write about my music composition in my recent event: The Sound we See: Guwahati City symphony, but immediately while digressing on one of the Occult groups saw two fellow two fellow occult explorers writing in great Zest about Logocentrism/ holistic thought/ monadic One-ness. And, conradictorily, witches and warlocks were supposed to be "far out and wild", rebelling against Centric thought! How paradoxical! Immediately as a knee jerk response, I landed up on this neglected blog of mine, passionately writing about the Serpentine/ post structuralist viewpoint. That also, in the ill timing of 3:15 am at night, at a friends place, where I had arrived for a screenplay endeavor. In the influence of the Serpentine Nodes, things always turn out differently than intended. It's a roundabout, meandering, serpentine path, completely digressing from the original objective/ goal...

Serpentine Rahu Ketu paradox illustrated in Zizekian/ Lacanian perspective
I was browsing through Slavoz Zizek's "Interrogating the Real" and as usual read some stuff which really highlighted concepts that separated the paradox of Serpentine nodes from rest of the planets.
In the Solar/ logocentric viewpoint, the Sun/ the Creator/ the King is at the Centre of the universe, and all other planets organised around it. But from the Serpentine/ Rahu Ketu/ post modern viewpoint, there is an ontological incompleteness of reality itself. Instead of the Sun at the centre, there is a Void/ Gap looming at the centre. There is "reality" only insofar as there is an ontological gap, a Crack, in it's very heart. It is only this gap/ void that accounts for the mysterious fact of transcendental freedom. Zizek, in his "negation of the negation" illustrates the difference between Cause and Law. In the Law, signified by the rest of the other Vedic planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, things are logical,  Action and Reaction, ONE does not come without the OTHER. But in Cause- Affect zone, influenced by the Serpentine nodes, there is always a paradox, something inherently anti-conceptual embedded in the axis of Cause- Affect.

Contradictory Hegelian relation between Universal and the Particular
Zizek furthermore illustrates, the serpentine and paradoxical Hegelian logic of "reconciliation" between the Universal and the Particular. The most radical, absolute particularity is indeed that of the Universal itself. As long as it has a negative rapport of exclusion towards the Particular. And furthering along that line, the Lacanian viewpoint according to which Good is only the mask of Radical and Absolute evil.Behind all Good, there is Radical evil. Insofar, as it obsesses us in an indecent, obscene way, it makes it possible for us to untie ourselves, to free ourselves from this looming centre of Great evil. Personally, i see this analogy in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft,  where the Alien invaders, monsters Chuthlu do not come from far across the distance of space, but rather, lie in the very primitive roots of our own human history from another forgotten time.

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