Monday, February 4, 2013

By-lanes 10: India Art Fair 2013

In By-lanes, I narrate experiences of the Serpentine journey, full of detours, diversions, tangents, and by-lanes. Name inspired by the song By-lanes by friend Lueit Parasar. Check:

Yesterday my friend Kareem invited me for the Delhi art fair. Randomly my friend Saurabh was also there. Trying to meet an artist friend whom I also coincidentally know. We had gone to meet artists, none of whom  were there. I had written a write up for a my friend, a renowned artist, but she wasn't there! For a change.. all we had was left to see the artwork all around! Was good to see her artwork it, up on the wall!! As we meandered through the exhibits, I tried to surmise them in words: erratic, high, highbrow, avante garde, experimental, awry, saturnine, primordial, sombre, whacky, irreverent, wild mutations of reverence/ profanity, whacky satirical, sarcastic, slapstick humorous, etc. Only one word to sum it ALL up: Serpentine !!
Later I & Saurabh went to backyards of NSIC grounds. Peacocks roaming, abandoned warehouses. Giant serpentine logs of trees. A Serpentine meandering by-lane through the world of art..

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