Friday, October 10, 2014

Log 02: my Neptunian film "After Paris"

My first film ever, is the perfect example of Neptunian energy, influence and experience. The very process of making it was a Neptunian journey. It began as a casual, fun loving, compilation of shots of our Paris trip of 2009, pieced together, creating a journey of 20 mins. And though I showed it around, it remained unfinished for years and years. But early this year, 2014, my cousin Sangram, a budding cinematographer/ film maker, showed an interest in completing this long unfinished film, piling up on my computer since years. I was really dazzled by his first few shots. I felt he perfectly expressed the long, brewing Neptunian energy, emotions of my narrative. And we began shooting the second part of the film with his better camera, better skills, and better cinematographic vision. Our original plan was to shoot ten minutes more, and make it an half hour film. But Sangram's shots were oozing with Neptunian energy, he had completely caught my Neptunian vibe, mood, feel. We finally ended up with a much longer film. After we edited it, and Sangram sliced out a lot of the shots, we ended up with a full length feature of 90 minutes.  I'm very thankful for this very long journey, but one that helped me capture the Neptunian experience, emotion, vibe, and experience in the full 90 minutes of my film. Ennui, dissolution, gravitas, brooding, emotions, subjectivity, exile, churning and the final resolution, flood tide of emotions, release. The Neptunian journey and experience. Thanks to all the co actors for their spontaneous performance in this Neptunian journey. One that helped me synthesize cinema, personal biography, music, astrology, life, exile, all into one combined expression of a Neptunian feature film. Prayers to lord Varuna!

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