Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Amethyst 01: First blossom of Violet

The subtle flowing energy of healing crystals can be experienced distinctly, after  proper selection, and  energy initiation by a practicing energy healer. Here, I narrate my energy experiences of the  Amethyst  crystal

The energy unfolding of raw crystals, tumbled gemstones, are always gentle, subtle, and gradual. AND, If we are in a haste, and not in a meditative state of contemplation, we may not even notice their effects. In my own case, I want to narrate the minutest details of such subtle and gentle energies. And the first minute blossoming of working with my Amethyst crystal for these last three days, ( even though, I had purchased it last week itself, it's only in these past three days, that I have even begun to use it), is now at 2: 28 am, Monday late, late night, or at arms length to Tuesday morning, amidst the harried claustrophobic hustle, and chaotic bustle of wife's current design submission, and my backup, administrative support notwithstanding, is the blossoming of this first post, of Violet Hues. And the spontaneous, if half sleepy, automatic  conversion of this blog titled earlier as Karmic Planets, and yet previously titled as Neptunian something. Half sleepy, zombied conversion of this blog to Violet Hues. And the renaming, labeling of my already existent list of music under the definitive Page Header of Violet music. For those, even cursorily, and randomly passing through this blog, might be slightly tempted to traverse through the listings of Violet music. And then, might be further intrigued by the concept of Energy Healing, so on and so forth. Amidst the high congestion of ultra over layered work environs, the first poetic, breathing, violet space of Violet Hues was created and established.
Some of the other noticeable effects of working with my rough, raw crystal Amethyst stone, is that despite the congestion of the prevailing work schedule, and a semblance of order was somehow managed, and some clarity achieved in the process, albeit with my peripheral support to the central team effort. And a lot of group focus, and concentration prevailed on the team, which was previously a bit disjointed, fragmented, and a bit wayward. And I did all these, with not the least of effort, rather a spasm of automatic reflex and chanting using my Amethyst rock.
My gratitude to my guide, and the subtle energy of the Amethyst crystal. Cheerio! G'nite. signing off at 2:46 am!!! :P

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