Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cat's Eye 01: an Ironic birthday

I'm thankful to Manish Choudhury  for introducing me to blogging in 2007, and for his feedbacks ever since. And to my energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar for connecting me to the fringe,  qualities of  Esoteric stones...

Esoteric stones thrive on our personal energy dynamics. They operate outside the domain of our astrological transits. 
 It was October 9th, I was at home with my wife who was recovering from her severe spasmodic back-sprain, her early spondylo disco degenerative changes in lumbar spine. And suddenly after a million calls and whats app conversation, online co-ordinations (even at home rest she was constantly working), it was mandatory that someone had to go to her ongoing store site at Mega Mall, Gurgaon and click snaps on the ongoing progress of the site, rapidly approaching completion.
While going from GK II to  Hauz Khas Metro, there was a huge traffic jam, one that made a 10 minute journey, become an 1 hour and 15 minute ordeal! Exhausted, while on the Metro, I gave a call to my friend Kapil Razdan, whose showroom was just below Sultanpur Metro station, and with whom I wasn't in touch for many uncountable months. I was surprised, that for once, he was at his showroom, and NOT in some far off site, as had happened for the past few months, whenever I had called. 
Reaching, I waited around his office, and after sometime found out from his colleagues, that it was his... birthday, and they were just about to cut the birthday cake! What a ironic timing , on a day, when I had NO reason to move out of the house, because of  an unrelated random situation at a Gurgaon site, and an equally random huge traffic jam, reaching the office of a dear friend, at the exact moment..  before his birthday cake was cut. And ironically, in all our years of constantly being in touch, I have never ever wished him on his birthday. Because, my reclusive friend always kept all his facebook  birthday notifications off, and reclusively hid his birthday.
Then, it occurred to me, that past few days I had been actively recharging my green Cat's Eye stone, with it's specific mantras and recharge procedures. It was it's very energy which had manifested in the ironic haecceity of Kapil's birthday. Reminding me of my favourite photography series by Dayanita Singh, with my ever favourite ironic title..  Go Away Closer
You may always be in touch, but often when you move away, nature makes you come closer in a ironic way.

Cheers to the mild, moderate, yet distinct energies of Secondary stones! Cheerios/ Oreos!

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