Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cat's Eye 02: Electrifying Karina Buhr

I'm thankful to Manish Choudhury  for introducing me to blogging in 2007, and for his feedbacks ever since. And to my energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar for connecting to the fringe,  qualities of  Esoteric stones...

Esoteric stones thrive on our personal energy dynamics. They operate outside the domain of our astrological transits. 
There I was, going through the marshes, muddy swamps of Saturn in Scorpio ( since Nov '14). Everyone around groaning and teetering under the mind numbing pressure of this overbearing phase. But, I continued to energize, and channelize my green Cat's Eye stone given by my healing guide Dipankar. And by and by, round and around, I landed up my friend Girjashanker's pub/ music venue Depot 29
Seeing me, Girja retorted in his usual sardonic style.. "Welcome Rip Van Winkle.. you have merely missed out on about 150 performances in this past year..". Trying to match his sarcasm, I said " And you just missed out on one year of Saturn through Scorpio". He scoffed and smirked cruelly and with delight. Trying to divert my defeat and fall, I asked "Who's playing today?". Girja said a Brazillian singer, actress, Karina Buhr was performing that Friday evening, who came through some connection through the Brazillian embassy, and was supposed to be a big star in Brazil. 
I gloated with pleasure and replied.. " Ohh, I neither appreciate NOR understand Spanish or Brazillian music, tch, tch, not my scene..!!" Girja, paused with wisdom and said.. "Why dont you hang out and check for yourselves..". I agreed, if the act was slioghtly boring, I could walk away and leave him humiliated, my victory for the evening..!

So I hung around, and the band members of Karina Buhr got up on stage began singing. Voila! The music was okay, but because of the language issue, they couldn't connect with the audience. Haha! My victory was over Girja was soon at hand!!
But at the end of third song, something happened. Karina Buhr, despite her language handicap, starting using body motions, gestures, expressions to the lyrics of her songs. And the lead guitarist used some indescribably expressive notes.
I looked around, the atmosphere of Depot 29 was charged up with a electric, infrared, mesmerizing, trancy atmosphere!! I noticed my own shoulders, and head rebelling against me, breaking out in spasmodic and gyrating moves. Control yourself, my brain screamed! We have to beat Girja! But alas, the music was rapidly rushing through my bloodstream and Karina Buhrs hypnotic, sensuous, raw earthy, electric, rapidly taking control of my mind..! Alas! Alas! And after a blink of an eye, I was dancing, hyperventilating, oscillating like a electrified Zombie dude!!
An electrifying current swept through me.. a raw, sensual, atavistic, punk, soul stirring, electric performance that shattered through all confines of language and lyrics. It was a distinct manifestation of the Ketu, Neptunean, energies of my green Cat's Eye stone. Oozing through the electrifying, haunting performance of rapturous Karina Buhr...
The Erratic/ Sublime rapture of Ketu embodied by Karina's performance. Check out video below...

After sometime, she went into a pensive, brooding, hazy, serpentine number, distinct to the Netunean energies of the green Cat's Eye stone. I could connect to the soul of her blues notes and the magical suspended guitar notes of Fernando Catatau, check video below..
 At the end of the performance, Girja slithered upto me triumphantly,and asked" How was it??" . I weakly retorted.. "I am GLAD that I missed the past 150 shows. THIS ONE made it up, for ALL of them..". the expression on Girjas face was like that of a calm knowing Buddha, as he nodded gently and slowly. I shrugged my eyebrows, drowsily recovering from the performance!

But as Ketu is conjunct with Saturn in my horoscope, and Saturn is a planet of repetition, the story doesn't end there. Next day, one thing led to another and we landed up at the party of Hugo Lorenzetti Neto, who had initiated the event. Where I had opportunity to interact  with all the performers of the Karina Burh band, and language being a problem was guided by their crew member Melina Hickson , who bridged the chasm of language between us. And as an additional  benevolence, also taught me many Netpunian aspects of Brazillian dance.  
AND, the day after when I briefly dropped by at Blue Frog or Kila at Qutub, I saw Karina performing again, in a much larger stage, but in front of a vastly polite and somewhat nitro- frozen, and fossilized audience. A somewhat contrast from the trance, possessed, mesmerizing, voodooish, previous atmosphere of Girja's Depot 29 venue!

Thanks to the interactions of the evening before, Karina spontaneously gestured to me in the middle of one song, I rushed forward and we began dancing together in front of the stage. As the eyes of the Humanich, frozen, cyborgic audience, glimmered with their mental ramifications, their programmed pathways of contemporary social behaviour, we had our Ketu rupture of atavistic dance, ultra spontaneous, starburst of whirling around, beneath the bright lights of Blue Frog/ Kila. 

I acknowledge my guide Dipankar for connecting me to the fringe, tangential qualities of Secondary Stones. And Obrigada to Karina Buhr, to Fernando Catatau, Bruno Buarque, and much Obrigada to Melina Hickson. And to Hugo Lorenzetti, for your efforts, for connecting me meteorically with the comet like, Ketu, trail blazing  Selvatica superstars!