Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cat's Eye 03: Infrared roses

I just checked... I've got 143 posts in my Energy Clearing blog, 83 posts in my Saturnine blog and 32 posts in this Ketu Currents blog, so far. And out of these 258 posts of my three blogs, approximately  three posts have been able to connect with the smoky energy of Ketu Currents: In-memory-of-my-departed-friends.. ...a sort of a remembrance poem, then Haunting-time-of Pitra Paksh connected with the ancestral energies, then Tenebrious-ambience-of Choladhara house which describes the mood, ambience of our ancestral grandfathers house at Jorhat. And also, finally Ketu-music-01-love-song-for-vampire dedicated to an favourite Annie Lennox song of mine.
But the previous post on Karina buhr's performance, from the perspective of the Green Cat's eye gemstone,  an esoteric remedial gemstone for Ketu, had randomly, yet deliberately connected me to an otherwise completely ignored and sidelined aspect of Ketu energies.

The previous post Cat's Eye 02: electrifying-karina-buhr even though overtly humorous, and anecdotal style, at least lends testimony/ insight to  an event/ hecceity that, for the first time, connected me with the otherwise previously ignored of Ketu's infrared, smoldering,  smoking hot energies. Karina Buhr's performance in congested Depot 29 was electric, visceral, smoldering, and unexpected. I felt this distinctly in contrast to her latter performance at Kila, aka previously known as Blue Frog.
The Green Cat's Eye did it's job, and made me experience an event that connected me to smoky, smoldering, simmering, visceral, infrared nature of Ketu Currents. Even though, I haven't Posted after that, BUT, have worked on myself. Through energy clearing, homeopathic churnings, visceral clearings, burning,  depictive of Ketu energies. I simmered, slow cooked that initial spark, that tangent of recognition into various astrologically classified folders of songs: Moon Music, Neptune Music, Venus music, and smoky, smoldering Ketu music.
This music and physical qualities were further clarified by Anodea judith's book Chakras: Wheels-of-Life, which clearly define the Upward/ liberating/ sublimating path, which i call the unfolding Rahu current, and the Downward/ limiting/ constricting/ visceral/ manifesting path which I call the unfolding Ketu currents.
This knowledge has helped me shape my understanding, and has been incorporated into the introductory/ summary Page Rahu Ketu introduction, clearly defining the smoldering, visceral churning energies of Ketu as distinct from the sublime, refined, conceptual, ethereal, airy, finer Rahu ruled upper chakras.
But, from that initial, incidential, tangential post on Karina Buhr on 24th Nov, it has definitely taken quite a smoldering, simmering.. while!

These past months I have been writing quite intensely (like for the past 5 years) about the annual Saturn Retrograde 2016, click label: Search/ topic label: Saturn Retro 2016. But today, in an extraordinary retrograde moment where i found myself deep inside the innards/ gizzards/ intestines of the various footages of my first attempted feature length movie After Paris, the retrograde energy has really spilled over, and oozed out, Check: Saturn-retro-2016-18: falling-retro-part 2: innards, and spilled over to trigger off this post in this Ketu Currents blog, after a long time...

This inter- entwining between this Saturnine blog post and this, current Ketu Currents post, only depicts or illustrates the ultra/ ACUTE conjunction at 10th degree of Gemini, ie, Saturn @ 10'26" and Ketu @ 10'25" in Gemini, the 9th house of my horoscope.

I absolutely had no plans to write this post today, but the energy of the moment forced me to bring it out, and I would like to dedicate this post to my favourite grateful dead song: infrared roses...

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