Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amethyst 02:Hot-cold, yin-yang

The subtle flowing energy of healing crystals can be experienced distinctly, after  proper selection, and  energy initiation by a practicing energy healer. Here, I narrate my energy experiences of the  Amethyst  crystal

In the previous post, I already narrated of the prevailing chaotic bustle around because of my wife's pending project submission. I kept on energizing the Crystal and despite many road blocks the submission was completed in time.
But the story doesn't end there. Even as the chaotic yet satisfying Buzz of the work flow prevailed a parallel stream of energy flow prevailed. When I had begun to be initiated into energy healing in my home town Guwahati I had experienced a lot of energy knocks and shaking. But which by virtue of their function cleared a lot of pending negative energies. However after returning to Delhi the entire nervous energy Buzz completely died down. And I found myself in lethargy. It's natural that extreme poles are totally intolerable for us normal human beings. Especially for me, my brain and balance completely goes for a toss, be it the extreme poles of super chaos or the other end of ultra lethargy. Life goes far better for me some where in the middle! !
So I energized the Amethyst Crystal with specific chants as taught by my guide light worker Dipankar Roy Karmakar. And slowly the energy of the Amethyst Crystal subtly and gradually resurrected the energy stream of Guwahati directly into Delhi. The subtle energy of Amethyst Crystal seemed to create a energy link between the extreme chaotic bustle of my hometown Guwahati and the extreme lethargy which I often experienced in Delhi. People traveling from home town Guwahati suddenly appeared in Delhi and downloaded the entire prevailing nervous energy of past two months in a huge mega unloading at my very doorstep. Even though it sounds distressing it's highly recommended from the Energy Healing perspective! !
Because only through the mandatory process of Knocking Shaking catharsis and equal dose of grounding balancing, can we progress and evolve, from the Energy Healing perspective.Things were being restored to a strange balance... a homeostasis of Yin and yang, of Knocking/ Shaking and GROUNDING and balancing.
 My gratitude to energies of the Amethyst crystal for it's subtle yet purely physical manifestation of the twin process of catharsis and rejuvenation. And the rush and the Buzz of subsequent hot cold, yin and yang is quite an hair raising ADVENTURE IN energy....

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