Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Log 01: multi-level clearing and reorganising

As I have expressed many a times before, the blogging process has always been a way for me to review and reorganize my own thoughts, perspectives, and viewpoints. But more so, especially NOW, combined with the process of Energy healing/ clearing as initiated by Dipankar Roy Karmakar, this blogging process has become a DIRECT energy clearing activity for me. The process of writing, rewriting and editing, of the blogging journey, results in direct energy clearing for me. And especially now, during the period of the last and current post, where the energy clearing process of blogging has actually synced itself to subtle, flowing, energies of crystal healing.. 

Under the guidance of my energy healing guide, Dipankar, I have been working closely with two healing crystals, Black Tourmaline and Amethyst. And even though, I had been working with Black Tourmaline from much earlier, I have been writing dedicatedly on the Amethyst crystal for the past three posts.  Especially, after actually getting my Amethyst crystal beads from e-bay courtesy my friend Shweta Kaw, and converting/ commenced this blog, on crystal healing. However, since last two days, I could for the first time, sense,  the profound dynamics of crystal energy. The black tourmaline bead, albeit a "dead", inanimate, crystal necklace, reinforced it's unique energy, presence and identity, in an amazing and profound way. Especially when, in the past three posts, I had completely overlooked the energies of the black tourmaline. And amazingly, like a living, sentient, energy presence, it exerted it's call to attention, through subtle changes my personal energy. Simple unbelievable? Read on..
It all began on Sunday night, as i had gone partying, and all the heavy food, drinks had gotten to me, and I had woken up dehydrated, and with hot flushes all over me. I took off both my Amethyst and black tourmaline beads, as every thing felt too much in my body. But later few glasses of water, etc, after I felt slightly okay, i touched the black tourmaline bead next to my pillow. It felt so cool, soothing, liquid, and for the lack of the better word.. compassionate. I started chanting my specific energy mantras with the black tourmaline beads, and very soon felt cooler, light, relaxed. And, after sometimes, a strange tingling sensations at the sole of my feet. It was a subtle, pleasurable sensation of tingling and itching. After chanting few rounds of mantras with my black tourmaline beads, I touched my Amethyst beads and felt a distinct sensation of heat coming from it. Long back, my energy guide Dipankar had told of the properties of Amethyst, that it emanated a Violet fire, subtle yet burning, purifying energy, but, this was the first time I could actually feel it. The Violet Fire of Amethyst exactly feels like my favourite Bruce Springsteen song of more than 20 years now.. I'm On Fire- bruce springsteen (click here for link). Especially that part.. "at night, I wake up, with the sheets soaking wet, and the freight train running through the middle of my head". Anyways, Violet flame was more than waht I was willing to handle, at this point of time. So, I decided to focus the Grounding/ Balancing energies of the black tourmaline, for the next few days.

My guide, Dipankar keeps on referring to the Grounding/ Balancing energies, properties of certain mantras and crystals, but, from this moment, I could realise the physical human meaning of Grounding/ Balancing, basically means.. Clearing and re-organisation on many and multi-levels!!
Then forth, since yesterday, I found myself engaged with many pending activities, balancing acts of many and multilevels. Yesterday, i found myself finishing a long winding closure to last weeks pending submission, a kind of wrapping up. Today, I had to uplink the gas account to the bank account as the new LPG directive has come all over India. i had to run back and forth between the Gas agency and home, for many documents but it got finally done. The blogging format, of this blog itself has become more optimized. I removed two sub headings/ categorizations/ labels to make it more simplified. Check the illustration below..

Moreover my wifes colleague Sumeet Saxena, our ever friendly helpful angel came and showed us two Grounding/ Balancing, haha, read it as clearing/ reorganizing methods for our slowing down computers.. Go to task bar, go to Run, %temp%, gets you to the piled up junk internet files, and "prefetch", gets you to other junk files. The necessary Grounding/ Balancing for computers. Meanwhile my friend Nandini Singh posted a long reply to my previous post, indicating Grounding/ Balancing on the neuron levels. Check the illustration below..

Also, I began the long overdue process of retrieving my painstakingly collected Music files from my close to death PC, to my newer machine, and later to my Cellphone. The Grounding/ Balancing energy of black tourmaline has ignited a process of reorganization in my environment and myself. On many and mutli levels. Cheers to the healing properties of crystals. 

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